Storage Solutions

Custom storage solutions built around your needs.

Storage falls into two broad categories, storage of physical assets and storage of digital assets.  Both have unique challenges.  Scene Savers offers custom solutions to help you manage the long-term preservation of both physical and digital assets.

Media Vault
Scene Savers provides secure, climate controlled access for physical media, including motion picture film, videotapes, audiotapes, photographs and documents.  All assets are bar coded and tracked with a computerized inventory system to allow instant access to your media.  Access to vaults is controlled to only allow access to authorized personnel.  Temperature and humidity are controlled to provide the proper storage environment for physical media.

File Storage and Backup
Storing and backing up your files properly can be a daunting task.  Usually, the IT departments in your organization are used to dealing with small files that are accessed frequently, such as email.  They aren't used to dealing with very large files that are access infrequently such as film or video preservation files.  And, even if they are able to deal with these files, good archival practice dictates that you storage multiple copies of your files in multiple locations.  Scene Savers offers backup and storage of your media files utilizing a combination of physical storage (LTO data tape and external hard drive) and cloud based storage to provide the ultimate in file protection.  Your files are backed up on multiple different types of media in geographically distributed locations...perfect for archival storage.

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