Slide and Still Image Scanning

Photography has been around for nearly 200 years.  Photographs give us a unique glimpse into the past, therefore preservation of, and access to these assets is critically important. 

Imagine yourself in this have a 1000 foot reel of 35mm stills and the only way to scan these images is to cut the reel into short segments, potentially damaging the original asset and losing frames.  Or, you have nitrate 35mm slide inspectionnegatives that have warped and curled almost to the point of being impossible to scan.  What do you do? 

Scene Savers has developed unique solutions to handle these, and many more challenges associated with still image scanning.  We have non-destructive ways to gently flatten warped or curled photographic negatives and can scan reels of photographs without cutting the film (up to thousands of images).  Whether you have mounted 35mm slides (positive or negative) or oversize transparencies, such as 3x5, 4x6 or 8x10 images, Scene Savers can help you digitize your collection.

What makes Scene Savers different?
You have many options available for slide scanning, including low-cost options.  Many of these low-cost options are designed for the private individual...not archives.  Speed and throughput are their main objectives, not quality, and the work is often outsourced overseas.  Scene Savers takes the time to personally monitor all slide scanning, and inspect each digital image as it is created.  35mm slide cleaningServices such as cropping and straightening are included, as is grouping slides together based on your desired collection management process.  Slides will be named the way you want them named (not some generic numbering system that you have to sort through when you receive your digital files back) and metadata about each and every scan will be captured and provided as part of the process.  We take the time to make sure the scanning is done the right way and to your desired specifications.  We may not be the least expensive solution, but we are the best solution.

Scene Savers handles the following formats:
  • Positive and negative images
  • Black & White or Color images
  • Glass plate images
  • 35mm mounted slides
  • 35mm unmounted slides and film strips
  • Rolls of film (a few images to thousands of images without cutting the roll)
  • Oversize negativesprofessional image scanning
Scratch and dust removal and Digital Icetm are available upon request.  Mold removal and digital restoration available upon request.

Contact Scene Savers if you have questions about our scanning services, or for a representative sample from your slides and images.