archival consultingDo you need help figuring out how to best preserve and provide access to your motion picture film, videotapes and audio materials?  Do you have questions about best storage practices for both physical and digital assets?  Are you interested in starting an AV preservation project, and just aren't sure what is required to be successful? 

Scene Savers team of experts can help you better manage your collection.  Our services include:

  • Establish processes for implementing and managing digital preservation solutions
  • Evaluate and implement digital asset management solutions for improved access to digital content
  • Determine a best course of action for preservation of your AV materials, including determinations of when work should be handled in-house and when outside assistance should be sought
  • Assistance with budgets and workflow for funding requests and grant applications
  • Assistance with inventory and accessioning to help you gain control over your collection
  • Assistance with prioritizing your collection for digitization
  • Evaluation of environmental conditions in your archive for proper long-term storage of physical assets
  • Custom software development and web based solutions for cataloging and online access/management
  • Custom hardware solutions for long-term archiving
Contact  Scene Savers to discuss your unique situation and your goals.  We'll help you implement best practices and procedures for better management of your AV assets.