archival hosting solutionsHosting is provided to supplement our digital asset management solutions.

After your digital files are created, there are a number of solutions to provide access to the content.  Larger institutions may have the staff and infrastructure to host their own servers, websites and asset management solutions.  Smaller institutions may have to look to outside organizations to provide on-line accessibility to their content.  Scene Savers has been providing hosting and on-line solutions since the early 1990's and offers simple and cost effective solutions to help you provide access to your content.

custom archival hosting solutionsHosting of video and audio files presents some unique challenges.  The files are large, requiring significant storage space and bandwidth.  Many hosting service providers aren't set up to deal with these challenges.  In conjunction with our partner organizations, we are able to offer a highly scalable solution for on-line access to your content...whether you want to provide access to a few videos or hundreds of hours of content, our solutions meet your needs.