Collection Assessment

archives collection assessmentWhat happens when you receive a large collection of AV materials with no inventory?  Or what if you have an inventory, so you know there are valuable and one-of-a-kind assets in the collection, but the inventory doesn't match any identifying information on the individual films and videos?  As organizations continue to try to control costs, what if you simply don't have the staff to accession the collection?  We've had clients with these exact same challenges.

Scene Savers will help you process your collection.  As part of our service, we'll inspect each item individually, describe the asset, describe the content and even re-house the asset in archival safe containers, such as new film cans or video or audio cases.  The result will be a database you can use to locate each asset, along with a complete description of the content.

archives collectionWhen accessioning, we can help you prioritize your collection, and can digitize the high-priority items so you can begin providing access to the most important assets in the collection. 

For larger collections, we'll pick everything up, transport it directly to our facility, process the collection and return everything when complete.  It couldn't be easier.  Whether the collection consists of hundreds or thousands of assets, just tell us what you want and we'll deliver.